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        2.      泉州駿華機械有限公司位于中國福建省南安霞美工業園區,是集研發、生產、貿易為一體的工貿企業。公司主要生產各種支重輪、托鏈輪、驅動輪、引導輪、鏈軌總成及各種國產、進口挖掘機、推土機、鉆機底盤零部件、液壓件。





            QUANZHOU JUNHUA MCHINERY CO.,LTD.located in Xiamei industrial Area,Nan’an City,Fujian Province,China,is a trade and industry enterpris involving in R&D,manufacturing and trading.Our company is mainly specialized in production of all kinds of track roller,carrier roller,sprocket,idler and link assy as well as undercarriage parts and hydraulic parts for various kinds of homemade and imported excavators,bulldozers and drilling machine.

            Our company aims at "creating first-class quality,to be hundred-year-old enterprise".Since establishment,we always obey the enterprise slogan of "creating value for customer,creating opportunity for work-staff and creating benefits for the society"all the time and carry out the management concept of specialization,scaling and modernization in an all-round way.We provide more convenient and faster service for our customers.Our products have already got the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certificate and are very popular with all customers at home and aboard.

            Now the company has set up sales service branches in Guangzhou,Tianjin,Zhengzhou and Shenyang etc.and due to market-oriented.it directly faces domestic and international market.There is an ancient poetry going as:Long,Long had been my road and far,far was the joumey;I would go up and down to seek my heart's desire; The way strtched endless ahead,I shall search heaven and earth. We will make endless effort,taking perfect,high quality and technological products as a retum to friends from all walks of life who concem,care and love us and fight for the beautiful feature of engineering plant in China.



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